About me

So. I’ve decided to start blogging in English. For me, internet is an international place. I’ve always been on forums where people write in English. Having tried bloggning in Swedish many, many times I’ve noticed how unnatural it feels for me. So, English it is!

I’m a 34 year old mother of two girls (every other week as I don’t live with their dad), owner of two cats and fulltime employee with an office job that I love. I blog about the most random things, so you’ve been warned.

I enjoy watching tv, read books and sort things. Whenever I’m bored or stressed I rearrange furniture or sort through my wardrobe. I have an opinion on most things but usually don’t voice them as I don’t really see the point. Instead, I try to live by my values and inspire people.

So I guess that’s the point with this blog. I guess.

Idk. But, anyways, welcome!


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