I don’t make New Year’s resolutions

New Year, new me? Nope. I have, over the years, come to realise that I truly never change. I usually tell people that I’m too old to work on my bad sides, I only focus on my strengths. It is said as a bit of a joke, but to be honest it’s actually quite true.

And when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, it really shows. You see, I don’t promise to start new habits. I promise to stop with old ones. During the end of the year I do a sort of inventory of my problems and what kind of habits that create them. And then I think: what if I stopped doing this? What would happen then? Of course, it often leads to new habits but they are more in line with how I actually want my life to be.

What am I stopping this year?

First out is using the freezer. I hate opening the freezer and find stuff I should eat, but don’t want to. I buy things that are ”good to have” but ugh, I don’t want them later anyway. So, the deal is to only have ice cream in there, and maybe some lunch boxes in the odd chance I’d cook something that created left overs.

This will be a step for me to more or less daily buy groceries for what I want to eat that day. I am going to completely stop meal planning and buying in bulk. I never feel like eating whatever I had planned anyway.

I am going to stop buying bread. I love bread! Hate the store-bought stuff though. So I am going to start baking. As I am gluten intolerant it has taken some researching to find recipes I like, but the goal is to create a gluten free sourdough starter.

I will not use a calendar. I just don’t structure my life like that. What I have created is a modified Bullet Journal. Hopefully this will help me keep everything in order. Maybe.

What I haven’t yet figured out is what I need to change to start exercising and to read more. I guess the last one might be connected to watching less TV, play less Sims and less surfing around on the phone. Haven’t really found the motivation for it though – I don’t necessarily dislike doing those things.

What instead might aid in finding time and energy to do these things is the move I’m making in October. I’m moving closer to the town I work in and where friends and family are. And I am also leaving a tiny apartment that I own and therefor have to fix everytime something breaks etc. We’ll see!

Do you make promises around New Year’s? Do you start or stop things? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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