New year, more me

I have no idea if I have any followers left on this blog/whatever.

I guess I have tried over the years to be so many things, and I still am those things. But what occured to me, as I have spent my first week in a long time doing literally nothing, is that what I love the most is to write. What I began doing was to write fanfictions, specifically for Star Trek: Voyager but also SG-1, SGA and actually Sherlock BBC.

So this site will now focus on this part of my life. I will link to my fandom-spaces, I will write about my writing process for thse fics – and yes, I will do so mainly in English. That is my online-language and it just feels.. natural.

I do hope to one day my own, original fiction. That’ll probably be in Swedish, if it will ever happen. Up until then – let’s get back to fandom, fanfics and the fangirl in me.